Milanese mooching



Flying down the the autostrada from Bergamo to Milan, church steeples and various verdure dipped in and out of a panoramic view, whose only constant was the sun that cast silhouettes onto the Bergamo buildings below.

It was warm and I lay on my back starring up at the whirring, rattling fan, which had the air of coming loose any second. I put my headphones in and drifted in and out of dozing dreams that transported me between the vivid, sticky and fictitious hotel rooms of Danny Boyle and Francis Ford Coppola. The fan spun me from Saigon to Bangkok and back to Milan. Bzzzz. Becky’s here.

Bumbling about bolognese streets, we came across the Church of Saint Maria that was host to the exhibition Camminamente: an installation about walkers from far and wide. The Camino can be an extremely pious experience, as it has been for 92 year old Emma Morinsi (l’abuela del camino), who has walked thousands of kilometres with minimal kit. Other stories concerned those who associate camminare with fleeing from war. Kanita Ita Focak still has the shoes in which she fled from the Bosnian war. “To have a pair of shoes during war was a luxury” as well as a ticket to survival. She still has the shoes which allowed her to walk for kilometres in search of water and food.


Alongside these narratives was another installation by Laura Govani called “Le piante dei piedi – un passo per salvare il pianeta” (the soles of our feet – a step to saving the planet). Unfortunately the literal translation doesn’t sound nearly as good as it does in Italian as it loses the borderline homonymous nature of the words “piante dei piedi” (soles) and “pianeta” (planet). Govani collected donated shoes, filled them with all things good and green and used them to pave a way within the church. I love anything that encourages eco-sensibility, so this reminder to have an immense respect for nature whilst en route was a wonderful addition to the whole event.



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2 thoughts on “Milanese mooching

  1. A delightful rumination on Italy and Bologna. Thank you Lulu xxxx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You write so beautifully, Lucy! It’s a pleasure to read your texts and great to hear that you are up to some Italian adventures!


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