Bauer Fritz, Lucerne


Overlooking the Semperbach lake, the utopian organic farm Biobauerhof Fritz sits on a hill in Rickenback in the Canton of Lucerne. Equipped with a wind turbine, solar panels, photovoltaik and a geo-thermal heat pump, farmer Fritz is one of the 17 founders of the Diegenstal Wind Energy Cooperative (Genossenschaft Windenergie Diegenstal), which produces 800,000 kWh per year through wind, hydro and solar power.

The farm is nestled amongst meadows in which over 40 different types of grasses and plants grow. This really is a paradise for insects, birds, deer and the smallest of creatures. As well as having cattle and chickens, Farmer Fritz also produces sunflower oil, rapeseed oil, einkorn and spelt wheat. Due to their strong growth and yield, these crops don’t need chemical excipients. Clearing the weeds with hand tools is not only less damaging and harmful to the ground, plants and insects, but also activates the soil.

Other than Bauer Fritz being exemplary as far as sustainable farming goes, they also provide guests with an opportunity to be knitted into nature. You can sleep in tipis, in huts on beds of straw or in cabins with roofs covered in solar panels. All of this goes hand in hand with the peace and glory of sunrises and sunsets over the Swiss landscape.








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  1. I love reading about your adventures, Lulu!


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