Bikerides and breakfasts

In the course of every FÖJler’s year they have the choice to develop certain projects and organise events. During the colder months preceding the wondrous weather springing upon us, Margot, my fellow NABU FÖJler, and I planned a couple of (what we hoped would be) sunny Sundays.

Last week we joined the Saar-Pedal, a car-free day along the Saar from Konz to Merzig. Originally, I’d pictured a humming delight of cyclists bumbling alongside the river with NABU flags soaring behind us. Alas, we were but three and it was marvellous. This Sunday we hosted a volunteers’ breakfast, the idea being that FÖJlers could come together in Trier’s cozy Weltladen (world shop) to drink some tea or coffee (bio and fair-trade, of course) and exchange our shared and varied experiences. I’d contacted nearly twenty schools in the area, inviting students to come and learn about the voluntary ecological year, I’d hung up posters around the city and I’d attempted to use social media as an advertising tool. Although, like the bikeride, less people came than was hoped, these events, like every seminar so far, have presented opportunities to spend inestimable hours together. As we edge towards the last two months of this chapter, I’m loving the time spent with the grand and gentle people this experience has brought me.


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